The lawn definitely needs to be mowed, you think to yourself as you bring in the latest of your shopping haul from the car. Right in the midst of your happy shopping dance you hear the loudest sharpest hiss possible. Turning to the left and right, you can’t figure out if you should go back for the rest of your bags or go run in the house.  

      Being brave you take a step back for the rest of your bags. Sweat is beading up around your forehead and back of your neck, as you look  for the scaly being. Turning around and making a dash towards the porch, the large hiss is going at it again. You turned in the direction of the sound to find- a baby garter snake. It’s such a tiny little thing, grabbing it lightly you move it to the bushes across the sidewalk and at the last second the itty bitty thing tries to nip at you.

      Never trust a snake. It’s been going on since the beginning of time never to trust those scaly beings with no legs and arms. I don’t care if Britney Spears danced about on stage with one, those things cannot be trusted, leave them be. I was a believer in all the snake mythology until, I noticed the print on their skin is actually quite beautiful. I’m not a fan of using real reptile skin of any kind, but these faux snake pieces below are quickly making their way into my heart.


      How the devil an animal with such a negative back story manages to have a decent print that makes your everyday tee look richer with rockstar appeal, is beyond me! Currently plaid has taken over as Fall/Winter trend of 2013, and although I have no problem with it, I want something fresh and new this is where faux snake print comes into play. I want to experiment with faux snake print items there’s a dark edge(due to the associations with the cold blooded creatures) that could be interesting to coordinate into a look.

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