Olive green, the neutral we all forgot. Olive green grew in popularity a few Falls back, there were olive green skinny cargo pants, blouses and satchels-suddenly it all stopped. What put the rise in olive green items on hold? 

     Was it the various shades of wine and Bordeaux that made olive green shrink in comparison? Perhaps it was the power of plaid that put this shade under the radar. Regardless of the reason I think it’s time we get familiar once more with this color, who knows you may find that this is the color you needed for your closet. Below are a few items in olive green I found to be more than a little irresistible(my spending hand got slightly twitchy).


    Olive green is an awesome neutral because it’s slightly unexpected and works with so many different colors and metallic shades. Check out the versatility of the green shades by checking out the fashion blogger links listed below. After you’re done getting inspired, leave a comment below on how’d you wear the army green color!

      Model/Blogger Elaine of blog, A Flower Child wears her army green jacket layered on top of a burgundy cardigan,t-shirt and paired it with lace shorts, get a visual here
Hulya Gurhan of HuHus Haven wears an army green sweater with cut-outs on the shoulders an edgier adaptation to the standard chunky sweater, give it a look here

Kayla Seah of Not Your Standard styles this large olive green coat with fur details, get your glimpse here

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