Today we’re playing a game of 3 ways to wear! The game is where we pick one specific item or theme and get three specific different looks. We have both the plaid skater skirt and pink trend competing today.

   The plaid skater skirt has made many appearances during the 90s and had a reoccuring role in the 90s film Clueless!Lets give the plaid skater skirt a round of applause.Plaid skater skirt, come on down!

One Plaid Skirt, 3 Ways

        3 awesome looks for different styles! If you prefer darker ensembles and vampy lips, look number 1 is definitely for you!The second look is a lot more laid back with a minimalist feel and the 3rd and final look is great if you like mixing different textures. Now our next contestant for 3 Ways to Wear is*drum roll*- Pink!Pink had a starring role in all three Legally Blonde films and made appearances in the broadway show. Welcome pink onto the show with a grand round of applause! 


Wear Pink In 3 Different Ways For 3 Different Occasions

     Each look is pretty bold in it’s on right, with it’s own take on sparkle and shimmer.Pink is pretty bold color, so why not keep with the theme of boldness.Which contestant do you think wins in this game of 3 Ways to Wear!?

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