I started She Has The Eye as the sister blog to my lifestyle blog deejayspeaks.blogspot.com, because I was losing a grasp on fashion writing.The idea of fashion writing was weighing heavy on my heart because, I was growing bored with my own perspective.After creating a fresh new blog where I can place all of my style obsessions,rants,tips and anecdotes I feel refreshed and ready for more.

   She Has The Eye has helped me get out of my shell as a blogger. I was terrified sending emails to these bloggers that I’ve admired for so long.I found a new courage within myself and with this courage, I found inspiration from my own actions instead of seeking outside of myself.She Has The Eye, has helped me grow and it’s grown as well.

    This blog has grown with it’s constant original content, partaking in both style interviews,style tips, moodboards, a fashion blogger YouTube series and bridged a gap between style and the inner self.I’m so proud of my little Summer project and how it’s grown.I have the intention of expanding She Has The Eye, getting more interactive with the public(God willing, street style pictures and business cards will happen) and giving my baby more room to grow.Here’s to an exciting 2014 for She Has The Eye!

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