It’s odd how television shows can influence us when we’re aware that we shouldn’t be influenced.I remember when I was younger my mom was always instilling in me not to take television shows to heart and telling me that it’s all fiction.I think this is why I can enjoy the matter of celebrities whilst never being influenced by all of their antics.Even with all of the lessons my mom told me, a little influence managed to slip in through the cracks. One influence in particular, is the film Clueless.

    Clueless navigated a lot of my style still to this day.I had Dionne’s box braids, her love of skater dresses and I have a hoop nose ring just like her now.Another character from the film Clueless that had a distasteful influence on me is Amber. Amber was Cher’s rival and like a lot of other people I wasn’t a huge fan of her.One thing about Amber I remember is how she wore fluffy cardigans like the one below


      If this was on Cher or Dionne I might have liked it. But because Amber who I associated with snobbiness, rudeness wore it, I detested fluffy garments!Fluffy garments became the wardrobe of party poopers who roll their eyes behind your back, which is clearly a wrongful generalization.And looking back Amber really wasn’t that bad of a character either, but the show’s dynamic leveled it that way.

    I used this example to further explain that whether you acknowledge it or not there are a lot of other mediums out there influencing your style besides places like Pinterest, Tumblr, and fashion blogs(although they are good tools).Be aware that when you’re making style choices that they are YOUR style choices. Do not allow a childhood incident, or a character on television push you into wearing something, or push you away. Inspiration is supposed to inspire, not control.

    I  feel that the better people recognize their fashion freedom, and acknowledge just how they want their true selves to be represented that’s when personal style blossoms. Clean that conscious.Go with what legitimately feels right instead of being subconsciously manipulated into a marketing trick by the masses. Personal style is exactly that, personal. Make the personal decisions because it’s what goes on your body. You decide how you adorn your temple.

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