My obsession for denim has slightly grown from average to shocking.In this new obsession I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate more of it into looks. The more I experimented with denim the more I noticed its slightly taboo to wear denim out to fancy schmancy parties(unless you’re a guy). Wearing denim to the latest holiday party may sound less festive than that gorgeous bedazzled number, but give it a chance. Below are a few of my interpretations on wearing the everyday denim piece and turning it into a party ready ensemble.

Crystal Crows



    Light wash denim is very versatile.Light wash denim compliments lighter tones, whereas darker denim makes lighter tones stand out.This look isn’t necessarily about contrast, but more so flow and I decided on the pink heels to bring out the pink in the clutch.

Midnight Romance




    This look is for the dark rockstar screaming inside of you.The almost black burgundy, is slimming and makes a great canvas for the rest of the look. Using black accessories and a black top sets this look for the evening.


Denim Look #3


     The look above is awesome for a cute party night out with friends.The pastel pink flows well with the denim. Using gold accessories also brings out the softness of the dress.This look can be worn to dinner parties as well, because of the dress’s formal silhouette.

Denim Look #4


      Stone wash denim is a huge trend right now, it’s reminiscent of the 90s(which we all know made a comeback).Stone wash denim looks very laid back, so play up the other elements of the look. I went for a lovely fun blouse and color block motorcycle so they can play off each other.     The look above is definitely for a fun get together.

    There we have it, denim can indeed be shifted and shaped to fit almost every occasion including dinner at grandma’s house on Christmas. Don’t be afraid of denim, although we’ve been taught jeans are strictly casual they can be shaped and molded however you want  them to be. Leave a comment below about your favorite kind of denim!



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