When I was much younger, I was sure I was anti-glitter. I avoided sparkles, glitter and detested sequins “they’re too much”, “it’s too much shine”, “I’m not a disco ball”, I used to say. Now that I’m older I appreciate shimmer and have no problem with illuminating a room. With the holidays coming up, everyone’s inner sparkle starts screaming to be released, but for those who still protest the idea of shining bright like a diamond here are subtler ways to shine.

     Makeup: Take the liberty of using sparkly eye shadow or bronzer with tiny glitter elements to shine. I bought a gold eyeliner with gold that shines every time it catches the light, and I let that be my statement for the night. Using your makeup to add shimmer to a look is easy and not as loud as you’d think it would be. Check out below for some subtle shine makeup motivation, featuring the gorgeous YouTuber Destiny Godley!


Now if makeup isn’t really your thing, don’t worry there are a few extra methods to get a glitter fix using jewelry. Allowing your jewelry to take spotlight, is a subtle and easy way to add a little gleam to your appearance.Look below for example:


  Last but not least allow some metallic details in your shoes, bag or hair accessories to brighten up your look!Tossing on a pair of your favorie boots that just so happen to have some metallic details like sequins, spikes or metallic threading bring in shine without worrying about doing too much.Also, how could we forget about the power of glittery nail polish! Using nail polish with shimmer in it, is extremely trendy right now. What I do is paint all of my nails one base color and then one specific nail over with glitter for a statement nail! 


     I hope these tips help bring out your will to let you light shine through your clothing this holiday season! Leave a comment below with your favorite way to add a little sparkle to your daily ensembles.

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