In the Winter time we are all collectively pushed to start wearing certain festive colors, green,red maybe gold.This season it’s time to turn the color spectrum on and blast those holiday season trends out of the water.Wearing bright pinks, rose golds, glowing coral or midnight blue, wear all the colors, whenever and however you please.I understand you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb at your next holiday shindig, but don’t look at it that way, approach it more like “standing out with a spotlight”.Which brings me to the next Dynamic In December demand.

    You guys should know right now, I’m obsessed with Although I am obsessed with the color black I respect bright colors and acknowledge the use of different shades as a power in it’s own right. Wearing different colors brings out the creativity in your closet and in you. Now that I’ve shared something about my stance on color, now it’s your turn. Answer this question: have you ever color blocked in your outfit before?

   If the answer is no…why have you been robbing yourself dear?! Color blocking can be so much fun adding unexpected colors and interesting color combos is a game in itself.Wait let me guess, you don’t want to look like a bag of Skittles, well stop worrying about that because you won’t(besides what’s wrong with Skittles anyway, they’re bright and sweet like you).Check out the picture below for some color blocking inspiration you can use for the upcoming holiday parties, that don’t resemble Skittles.

Color Blocked

leave a comment below and tell me your favorite color block look!

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