Get Dynamic This December

     Don’t wait until January to make some massive changes.Take this time right now to make a change whether big or small. Acknowledging that you are consistently offered the opportunity to make moves in your life- is pretty thrilling. She Has The Eye has some changes it wants to make to improve the content of the website and we’re going to share it with you! In addition to sharing our changes on the site we’re doing 31 days of motivating you to make style, site and social media changes!
Today, for the beginning of our Dynamic December we have a list of improvements we want to make for the site listed below:

  • More posting days

  • Find other words to use in place of : “outfit”, “style”, “personal style”, “fashion”, “look”, “chic” and “style inspiration”. I’m aware that certain words in the fashion blogging world are so over used. There’s a world of words out there, why restrict ourselves to just the most popular six or seven phrases. 

  • Better scheduled posts.

  • Start collaborating with other bloggers again.

  • Sharing our content more thoroughly. 

  • Being open to more fashion approaches(see, already working on replacing the word style).

   Be prepared tomorrow for some methods on reinventing ensembles!

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