Writing a guest post has many benefits.Creating guest posts allows you to make connections,gain exposure to another person’s audience and exercise writing on a different platform.Given all the perks attached to writing guest posts,you might be wondering how do you go about doing them and where to find opportunities. I have a lot of experience in writing guest articles and guest posts, so here’s a few of my personal tips.

  • Use Twitter to find bloggers in need of guest articles and guest blog posts. I simple search, “guestblogger”, or “guest blog post”. If searching isn’t sufficient,I tweet the most popular style and fashion blogging hashtags such as #fbloggers #fashionbloggers #personalstyle #ootd #wiwt. For example I’ll send out a tweet like this “anyone looking for a guest blog post writer, #fbloggers #style”. This way my tweet can be found and anyone interested can contact me. 

  • Facebook pages help as well.Just go to a blogging group’s wall that fits your niche of writing and ask. For example, leave a message like “anyone in need a guest blogger or guest writer”, if someone responds look for their email and set up the collaboration.

  • Google search comes in handy when looking for blogs that accept guest writers and post submissions, check out these websites below in particular: , ,

  • Once you’ve figured out where to submit your blog post, it helps to have an idea already in mind.Make your blogging idea clear to the author of the blog, but stay open to any ideas they may have.

  • Keep an open line of communication between yourself and the other blogger you’re collaborating with. 

  • Ask questions about the length of the post, when they would like it due, and how many of your own personal links can you attach to the blog post.

  • Say thank you.Let the author of the blog know you appreciate the time they spent collaborating with you, it’s out of good manners and to leave a good name for yourself. 

        These are all the guest blogging tips, I have to offer so far. Feel free to let me know about your tips on guest blogging and share your experience in the comment section!

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