I was inspired by a topic on a blog called, Steel Feather. Lace Elephant , that was discussing the source and importance of happiness. One of the questions asked during the article stated, “how are you dressed when you feel your best self?”.That question really hit me, what do you wear when you feel your best self?

     I personally feel best about myself in a nice fitted blazer,dark denim skinny jeans and ankle boots.The blazer must have a strong structure, it makes me feel like I can take on the world!I associate blazers with sophistication and maturity, 2 qualities I pride myself on. I’m using this example to ask you, what do you wear that reflects some of your favorite qualities about yourself.

     Is it your gentleness and your strength that you cherish, find something you associate with those qualities and allow it to materialize it in your wardrobe.This is what people mean by your closet is a reflection of you on the inside.And those reflections all have their own interpretations, this is personal style and this is why it’s important.

      When you force yourself into clothing that doesn’t feel right or is a misinterpretation of your truth it can make you uncomfortable. Ignoring how uncomfortable you are can lead to only more discomfort and you’re worth more than that.Personal style goes much deeper, which is why I’m taking the time to encourage everyone who reads this blog to donate clothing to the nearest shelter. Letting go of your older pieces can make a world of difference and comfort in someone else’s life who’s not as fortunate as you.Help someone else feel their best and donate!

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