Baroque art began around in the 1600s.Baroque was considered the impressive new art method of playing with contrast of light and darkness, shadows and contrasting illuminating gold with typically neutral backgrounds. Baroque has found its way back as the new hottest trend, but instead of adorning a cathedral it’s being laid out on clothing.
       I have a particular love for baroque styled clothing, there’s a dark romantic undertone to it(much like my soul) and it’s awesome for making a subtle statement. When I see baroque I can’t help but think of royalty, something grand and specifically articulated which is enough to convince me that I need this style in my life. But how do incorporate such ancient traits into a look? Check out below and get motivated to make your own take on the artistic trend.


     Now that you have a visual, I’m sure you’ve probably seen this kind of style before or something similar.If you like the idea of blending modern pieces with classic themes, this trend is perfect for you.I also encourage giving a baroque ensemble a chance for the upcoming holidays, it’ll bring edge to your usual sparkly end of the year outfit.

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