Rose gold became the world’s favorite metallic overnight. Rose gold looks gold but there’s this pinkish tint(hence the “rose” in rose gold), that makes all the difference. I can see why everyone fell in love with this trend.The warm blush hue can easily be associated with classic glamour. Besides the color of the gold goes great with pastel which is also a huge trend for this Fall and Winter.
     I admit, I wasn’t one to jump on the rose gold band wagon when I first saw it. I didn’t know how to add rose gold into an outfit. Sometimes the rose gold would look gaudy, other times too subtle. Then I figured it out, sometimes a trend isn’t about how you use it, sometimes it’s about how much of it is used.

2 Looks One Trend

     Above we have rose gold appearing in various parts of the look, but it’s not about the specific rose gold item, it’s about how much of it you’re comfortable with using. Above I decided whether I wanted the rose gold to be the main factor which is determined by how much of the trend is used. I decided to let the brightness of the dress in the first look to take center stage and used a simple rose gold bag to compliment it-not compete with it. In the 2nd look the plaid shirt takes a back seat to the rose gold accessories that are brought out more by the cream wedges and light wash of the jeans.

       Ultimately after giving rose gold a try I did develop an affection for it, but the best advice in this entire post is really: DON’T FORCE YOURSELF TO LIKE ANYTHING, because if it’s naturally not for you then it’s not and that’s the bottom line. Stand by your style preferences you have every right to use them.

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