I remember when I first began taking an interest in style. My view of clothing choices and the power of ensembles was slightly skewed. I thought “if I dress like this everyone will think I’m cool and edgy”. I was picking out a costume and figured that would be enough to make me interesting, when in reality I already was.
       Clothing is powerful but not because it makes you look interesting. Clothing is powerful because it reflects how amazing you already are, on the inside. Your clothing choices are a personal decision, so when you pick out certain things it’s a reflection of how you feel. But without your clothing you still have a right to feel incredible about yourself.
     Clothing should not determine your self worth, you do. I spent years with this close connection between my clothing and my identity. I remember it would cause me pain when I couldn’t go shopping. When there was something I wanted but couldn’t’ have it made me question my worth. “Am I not worthy enough to wear the dress”? I should have been asking “is this dress worthy of me”?
     Ultimately, it all goes back to the old phrase “the clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes”, this is advice that should be instilled in young women as well. Maintaining a balance between image and identity is necessary because skinny jeans fade but the spirit doesn’t.

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