I know you guys have read posts about statement necklaces before,but did you know these pieces are essential in the “Lazy Girl Who Still Wants To Look Cute” arsenal. I should know, I’m a member of the board.Statement necklaces are exactly that, STATEMENTS. With a statement necklace you don’t have to be concerned with earrings, the right makeup or any other accessory because you’re letting the necklace do the talking. Use your ensemble as the platform for your statement necklace, or let it bring attention to a particular element to your outfit.Below are a few pieces that put the S in statement!

Statement Necklaces!

     The necklaces stand out on dark colors, light and bright colors.Wear them casually or dress them up! Let these pieces speak for you with their edgy details and vintage themes.Leave a comment below if you’ll be trying on the chic ready wear.

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