When you think skater dress, you probably think of 

  • Figure skaters(they do wear them the best)

  • Twirling 

  • And Ariana Grande(she wears these things like a pro on stage and off)

       There’s a reason skater dresses are back in popularity, all good trends resurface sooner or later.Skater dresses are timeless symbols of femininity.The fullness of the skirt can range from large to small and in between, it’s all about how much flair you want.Gathering at the middle, this dress silhouette is flattering on all figures. Besides the feminine allure, figure friendly shape it’s also perfect for twirling around in(yes, people still twirl). 

      These dresses can be molded to fit your particular preferences with layering and accessories.Allow the dress to be a canvas for the rest of your ensemble, or allow the dress to take the spotlight.

Skater Dress

      Up above we have 3 different looks for more than one occasion. The first look could easily a fit a party or just a night out with friends(which is why I opted for a flat boot). The second look is all about being casual with character, the addition of the classic Chuck sneaker added that relaxed factor we so love.The 3rd look is definitely party or shindig worthy.The dress’s silhouette is sexy and flirty, adding the jacket for warmth(and because it’s flipping cute) and you’ve got a party ensemble fit for a more sophisticated outing. Ultimately we hope this post helped encourage you to see the versatility in these dresses because they really are the unexpected trend of 2013.

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