The bane of my existence has been balancing a cute outfit and keeping myself from freezing.Lets learn how to balance between the cold and being cute together shall we.First off we all understand that layers are quintessential when fighting the frigid weather. Coats, sweaters, camis, cardigans,doubling up on socks and much more are all apart of our arsenal against the wicked Winter. You can check out how I keep my toes warm in this post, Winter Ready Footwear.

   Layering looks is all about collaboration and deciding which elements in particular you want to relate.Your jacket can be considered a splash of color or it can be the canvas to the earrings you’re wearing. Give each layer a role of it’s own, as far as coordinating


     In this look you’ll notice we approached the denim top as a canvas to play with the monochromatic print in the layering cardigan which flows with the rest of the dark palette of the look. In addition we took the liberty of adding the bright red puffer coat for a dash of color(and warmth because wind shall not prosper through a puffer coat, am I right?)

Layered Look #2

     In this outfit we have a semi all black ensemble. Minimalism is big in this outfit which is why structure takes the spot light. Play with the shape of the look with the form fitting midi, and slouchy black sweater in addition adding that strong sheerling coat. The sheerling coat goes great with the other silver jewelry, as well making it a great combo of black and grey to let the red lipstick stand out.

Layer Look #3

    That oxblood dress just almost provoked me to open an extra tab and buy it’s twin, but we’ll talk about that later.Dresses in the cold NEED layers, so of course I added some fun tights.The knee high boots, a blazer AND trench coat are going to protect this look from the cold. I do this look often when I don’t feel like dancing into my skinny jeans and of course I layer like crazy

    .Layering is a very important ability that needs to be exercised. I live up north and it’s cold as polar bear nu- polar bear knuckles..Layering in in these cold Winters divide the line between fierce and frozen and cute and cozy. Hopefully these tips helped you with figuring out a method to layering and if you have a few tips of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments!


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