Your favorite trend is aging. The excited blog posts describing this particular item or print are beginning to coat with dust. Snarky tweets have descended making fun of your favorite trend, pointing out it’s lost youth. You’re struggling with this recognition that perhaps your trend is getting old, clutching your faux leather skirt you could practically cry. Hold you tears sweet heart, this is not the end. In fact it’s never really going to be the end, of any trend that is. All trends are always brought back sooner or later, but ultimately it’s dependent solely on you whether you partake in this back and forth popularization. 

       When you notice your favorite trend is seemingly being pushed aside and laughed at by social media, blogs, maybe even by designers this is not a moment for sadness, it’s a moment to stand out. Who cares if no one is wearing disco pants like they used to!? If you love that piece of clothing continue to wear it, there is no trending police. So what if it’s considered “last season”, wear it every season, however you want to wear it!
      You style is how you mold clothing to fit you, what specifically speaks to you. No one else can decide your style for you. If you allow someone else to determine what you wear, then whose style is really being shown here? Holding onto your favorite trends even when the world is saying no, even when there’s parodies made about it, even with the jokes, it doesn’t mean you’re lame, it means you have a strong sense of style and character.
        If someone told you kindness was out of style and so totes last season, would you be evil everyday of the week, I hope not. Staying true to what feels comfortable and right for you, will affect you both outside and inside. When we are comfortable in ourselves regardless of the outside forces and their definitions of comfortable that light will shine from the inside out. Staying strong in your clothing choices is more than keeping a unique closet, it’s about keeping a unique you.

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