Growing up in the 90s I remember all the most popular,pretty,older girls were referred to as “a total Betty” .Betty is short for Elizabeth Ruth Grable a pinup girl,actress,dancer and singer from the 40s. She was in multiple films such as How to Marry a Millionaire,Down Argentine Way,Follow the Fleet,Give Me A Soldier, and many, many more. With all of Grable’s extensive film work and established name in Hollywood, by the 90s her name was being used to describe a timeless beauty, in the phrase “total Betty”.


     Me, being young and impressionable I told myself that one day I’d be fly enough to have a guy call me  ”a total Betty” someday.All the “total Bettys” wore bodycon dresses with revealing shoulders, skater dresses, velvet skirts and other hot 90s trends. By the time I got old enough to be referred to as “total Betty”, the phrase had died out and so did the “total Bette” uniform.Not only did “total Betty” die out, the mindset that wanted me to be referred to as a “total Betty” did too.I questioned what provoked the desire to be considered the hot chick, why did I want the popularity?

    Popularity looks nice, it’s wrapped with a sparkly bow and a seductive introduction.Popularity promises that you will have the approval of your peers, but do I need that? No.

     Once you begin doing one thing for the approval of your peers, you’re doing the next thing, and the next and suddenly you’re not living for your own approval anymore.You give up the right to make choices for yourself when you begin letting the most popularized decision determine what you do. Elizabeth Grable brought her own charm and allure to film, her own timeless beauty.Imagine if we all went out of our way to be “total Bettys”, we’d all look alike. We’d all be trying to please one another instead of being exactly who we are.With that being said being totally yourself, outweighs “total Betty” every time.

*This post was recently edited*

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