You have a Pinterest,Tumblr,Twitter,Facebook, and even checked out your Myspace page from middle school the other day,right?You’ve got all the platforms figured out.You know what to share, when to share it and how, but are you really being social on social media?

    The other day I came to the conclusion that I spend quite a bit of time scheduling things via Hootsuite, but wasn’t getting much interaction.Interaction happens when you interact, this means you’ve got to speak up a bit more on your platforms.When you actively interact from time to time, it ensures your audience that you’re not just a robot.

   Sometimes when I’m on Twitter I look through the fblogger tag and I check out the links, tweet my comments on certain style and fashion posts and engage in genuine conversation because 1it’s fun and 2 it brings more personality to your social media presence.People love seeing personality peek through, I know I do! It makes the blogging experience more interesting and it’s always helpful to speak to creative people in your field.I made engaging with my audience on FB my New Year Resolution it’s been going well so far. 

      Besides if you’re on social media for 2 hours, and it takes about 30 minutes to schedule all of your posts to be queued, the rest of that time is being spent strictly observing when you could be throwing yourself out there and getting observed!Stop being shy on social media, be kind, be positive and be efficient.By the way feel free to tweet the She Has The Eye Twitter acount that’s We still run the #EyeSpotStyle countdown every Friday and retweet every style post tagged #EyeSpotStyle, so share with us what you got!

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