Today’s post is going to be a touch more candid.As you all know(or you may not know if you’re new, and if you’re new let me know in the comments so I can say hi), I’m in university.Being a university student in short means I spend quite a bit of time with books I’ll use about 3 time this year  and being broke.Honestly it’s not all bad, I’ve been a little desensitized from the looking at a price tag and shuddering practice.So from my personal experience this is what I’ve learned from being a broke style blogger.

  •        I spend time making wishlists instead of new purchase posts because I’m not about that “spending money you don’t have life”. I’m realistic with myself. If I don’t have the extra cash to buy the extra dress, then the extra dress doesn’t get bought.

  •        I had to be more creative with my style posts.When I first started blogging on Deejay Speaks I would only talk about the new things I got but then once I’d run out, I simply didn’t post.You guys know I’m all about trying to maintain some consistency, so I was forced to think outside the realm of sharing new things and introduce other topics and kinds of posts.My WindowShopWithDeejay posts, was a result of university student brokeness and yet it’s one of my most popular and favorite posts to do.

  •         I’ve learned to detach my self worth from materialism.Being a style blogger a lot of the time materials make you feel so good, there’s the rush of buying the outfit, then sharing the outfit and ogling it with your readers.It’s like after you get high off of buying the clothes, then you do a post and celebrate it, there’s nothing wrong with this but remember- even if you don’t have a new purchase you still have every right to celebrate and be giddy, be giddy about being alive.

  •       I’m a lot more careful with what I buy as a result of my learned frugal tendencies.I look at items and think, “does this speak to me, or is it because I’ve seen it 1 million times on 1 million other people thus conditioning me to like it?”

  •      I’m a bargain bin huntress with no shame.There has been quite a few times I’ve snatched up some stellar pieces from the bottom of the bargain bin  or in the corner of the clearance.One of my new favorite blazers was like 7 dollars, great condition it was just hidden.

     In all being a broke style blogger has made me look at my style with more depth, made me more clear about what I want, and simultaneous learned the balance of loving clothing without being controlled by it.If I weren’t broke I probably would of learned these tips later on in life anyway so I suppose this experience is worth it (although it can be annoying lol). 

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