Life Lessons I Learned Through Blogging

       You might be thinking, how does someone learn life lessons from behind a computer? Well, I did and here’s a list of lessons and ways I did right below:

  •        Joining in on Twitter chats, proved to me you never know what will happen when you speak up. I received so much more traffic and found so many more excellent blogger by joining in on Twitter chats and felt a lot less alone in this big blogging world. This can be applied to everyday life situations, such as joining groups at university, school or your local community center with similar likes. You never know what you’ll get when you step out of your comfort zone.

  •          Double checking html links taught me to look at issues from other points of view. This year I decided to indulge in html a little bit more, and found several of my links were not working(sigh).After doing some tinkering, I fixed the links. All this time I thought my readers simply didn’t care about any of the extra links on my blog, when in reality they just couldn’t get to them. I applied the same lesson to my perspective, and decided looking at situations from other points of view to fix problems.

  •        When I stopped being afraid to make mistakes in emails, it taught me everyone has made mistakes and people are more friendly than I‘d thought. I conduct an interview series on my blog She Has The Eye and it’s conducted via email. By doing this interview series my phobia of spelling errors and coming off wrong in an email had to be confronted. I find that people can be more understanding than you think about spelling errors and a lot of bloggers are a lot more casual via email than you’d think. You can apply the same philosophy in other situations when it comes being shy and meeting new people. Remain calm and remember we’re all human.

  •        Take a break when you need one. I took a brief hiatus from blogging because I needed to rethink what direction my blog was going in and if my heart was still in it. After taking the breather, I came back to blogging stronger than ever and I blog with more direction. Sometimes we all need breaks in everything, too much of anything isn’t healthy. Relax and then come back.

  •        There is a large difference between quality and quantity. Do not put out content for the sake of your schedule, put out content because it’s good and enjoyable. This goes the same for many things such as friendship building. It might look nice to have a constant crowd of friends to hang out with, but there’s nothing like the few pals you have, that will be there for you when it matters the most.

      I hope my 5 tips for blogging helped you out, feel free to check out my social media for anymore tips

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