Sales are seductive in nature. A sale screams “hey, this is the same stuff you wanted the other day but this time we’re cheaper” and “it’s trendy, it’s cute, and it’s 2 dollars less then what it was a minute ago!”.I’ve been there,fighting the urge to leave the clearance section with arms filled with clothing.I really had to develop a strength in saving my money and saying no to a sale.

   Here are a few of my personal tips that helped me fight off the seductive ways of a sale:

  1.  Ask yourself questions like, “do you really like this or do you like it because it’s cheap?”Don’t buy things you kindalike because it’s cheap, save the money so you can buy something you love instead. 

  2. Is the sale really a sale? Determine what you define a sale item to be, because personally an item that costs 78.00 and goes down to 76.25 is not really a sale to me, but it might be for someone else.Take the time to define what you consider a worthy steal so you don’t get swayed by someone else’s opinion.

  3. There will always be more sales, just because you decide to sit one out doesn’t mean you’ll never encounter another one.Be patient in between purchases because what you might not have seen at one sale could pop up later at another, with an even better price.

   I hope these quick tips helped you find balance between style and scream worthy steals!

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