I have a blogger confession, sometimes I like to look back at my favorite fashion blog’s first blog post.I like looking back at where some of my favorite fashion bloggers first began to see where the greatness started.The worse part about this confession is that when I find out the blogger started off like me, it makes me feel better about my blog and blogging experience.

   My confession although it’s probably a common one in the blogging world breaks a critical She Has The Eye rule, “do not compare yourself to anyone”.The curiosity always gets to me,about where some of the bloggers I consider to be quite successful all started, and sometimes I even take mental notes.I shouldn’t compare my blogging experience with another, but in this particular area I fell prey to it’s seductive ways and compared anyway!Sometimes rules get broken, because we’re all human beings and breaking rules is just part of what humans do.

    So in the midst of my rule breaking I found that some of the most successful bloggers(once again this is success off of my personal definition)do have quite a bit in common such as:

  • They began blogging as a fun hobby.

  • They posted things with personality and honesty.

  • They were true to themselves.

  • They went on blogging hiatuses.

  • They spoke with other bloggers, not as a means to network but more so to make an internet pal.

  • They didn’t start off with top notch photography.

  • They make grammatical errors like anyone else does.

   So what started off as my dirty little blogging secret, is now what I consider a blogging reality check.Every blogger has had his or her own little beginning before making it “mainstream”, and a lot of them never started with the intention of being a “mainstream fashion blogger” in the first place.A lot of the most successful fashion bloggers had small beginnings with simply the intention of sharing a hobby, or sharing a passion for style and clothing. So the next time you’re feeling like crap over blogger stats, remember every blogger has their beginning and remind yourself you don’t blog because of stats, you blog because of passion.

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