Wear Black

       Hello guys! Around here on She Has The Eye we love color.We adore every color from your favorite neon to neutral and a lot more. Although there is an affection for beloved color on this blog, there’s no denying that black is classic and can be shaped and molded a million and one times, a million ways.The level of versatility black offers is downright seductive and it’s held me captive for quite sometime.

   When you love black clothing like me you’ll hear this a lot during the warmer seasons:

  • You know black attracts heat, right?

  • So…you a vampire, or what?

  • Don’t you know that the warmer seasons are for brighter colors?

Black may attract heat but as long as the fabric you wear isn’t too heavy and you don’t wear to many layers you shouldn’t melt away.

Who cares if someone mistakes you for a vampire?Tell them you don’t like their blood type and to get over it.

So, the trend for Spring and Summer is to bring out the brighter colors which is fun but that doesn’t mean your favorite black outfits have to be condemned.Following Spring and Summer trends is entirely voluntary, not mandatory.You can experiment with more colors by adding punches of color in your jewelry and accessories.Ultimately, if you want to wear black through the warmer seasons DO THAT.Don’t allow anyone to pressure or shame you into otherwise.Stay creative with the classic color with one of my favorite tumblrs(its run by me) http://makemyclosetlooklikegotham.tumblr.com.

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