I created this blog with the intention of 

  • Sharing style trends

  • Sharing style inspiration posts

  • Sharing awesome fashion bloggers

  • Bringing some diversity to the fashion blogosphere

  • And just having fun with fashion damn it!

   One thing that I noticed this blog doesn’t do and am proud to say it doesn’t do is enforce predisposed fashion and style rules. We’ve done many posts and style segments such as Dynamic in December in the pursuit of pushing everyone to step out of their comfort zone style wise and to enjoy picking out clothing.I believe making concrete rules in fashion and style can stunt the creative process.

   Often I’ve looked through magazines and have witnessed the style rule articles, and “how to dress for your shape” and frankly found it boring and restrictive.As long as you have a mind of your own, and a body of your own you should have every freedom to adorn it as you please.

    It’s understandable that some people use style rules as a platform to help them navigate picking out clothing, but that’s why we create style inspiration posts.Style inspiration posts and articles are made with the purpose to inspire the creative juices and mold clothing to you instead of molding around the clothing.Keep in mind when you’re indulging in your favorite magazine that it’s inspiring you not bordering you.

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