If you follow She Has The Eye on Twitter(you can follow here http://twitter.com/shehastheeye),you’d know we’ve been scooping up as much coverage on New York Fashion Week as possible. Our current source for consistent updates is the amazing Nico Bellay’s Twitter feed https://twitter.com/IAMFASHlON. In addition to using Twitter we’ve been catching up on Instagram to see any of the behind the scenes snaps from the designers sharing their creations.If you want to social media stalk fashion week too,here are a few tips:

First find a blog or website that has the NYFW scheduled shows.I’m using the guide featured on New York Magazine’s fashion column The Cut, which you can see here http://nymag.com/fashion/fashioncalendar/fashionweek/. Make an outline of your favorite designers and when their shows will be premiering, because a media frenzy will commence immediately.

After finding the times and days of he collections you’re looking forward to,this is where social media comes into play.

Twitter is your best friend.Search Twitter using the hashtags NYFW, MBFW and the names of the designer collections you want to see.Make sure to scan through the twitpics as well.Pay attention to who’s doing the most retweeting for a collection and follow them pronto!

Use Instagram to find the designers you’re interested in seeing, this way you can find a few behind the scenes shots, and remember search the hashtags.

Tumblr utilizes an awesome tagged post system, where you can find crystal clear pictures of collections easily by simply searching for them with the appropriate keywords and tags.

    I hope these tips help you guys,because we definitely want to share all the amazing fashion collections with you.And share a few of your personal tips below too!

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