We treat shopping like an Olympic sport, but where are you putting your trophies?Organizing your clothing, accessories and jewelry helps ensure they don’t get lost or damaged.Before I started investing in storage versus investing in more things, I was always losing my stuff.

     Cleaning my room became a treasure hunting game because I always managed to find that ring I loved, or that favorite pair of earrings that broke my heart.It sucks when you find out that necklace you love so much was wedged in between a dresser and a messy place.Organize your stuff to your liking and if you don’t know where to start check out some of the storage units below and DIY organization videos too.

 Here are few links to some storage and jewelry boxes you might be interested in :

     Ebay is awesome when it comes to finding jewelry boxes and garment racks, but don’t forget about your local Meijer or Kmart.I recently purchased a garment rack for about 20 dollars at Meije and it was easy to put together too.If you’re not interested in necessarily shelling out much money here are some DIYs below: 



     I hope this inspired you guys to look into some creative ways to store your fashion steals!Leave a comment below if you have any advice on organizing and storage!

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