Have you ever been trying on clothes and came to the outrageous conclusion that nothing looks good on you?I’ve had my moments of staring at my reflection and wanting to chuck it out of a window as a result.The frustration sets in as you poke and prod at your face and figure.Flaws that didn’t exist anymore suddenly earn spotlights, and why?

   Why is this inner body critic emerging at the worse time?Our inner critics can be too tough on us and ruin intimate situations such as getting ready for the day or shopping.We must shut the critic up and release our inner motivator. 

   Recognize the beauty of your temple because it’s unique and has gotten you this far.Realize your temple gives your beautiful mind and spirit shelter.Motivate yourself in the mirror with love because none of your clothes are going to look right on you if you don’t love the body wearing them.

   Love yourself and love your body because it’s worthy of your love and suddenly your perception will change.Your physical appearance isn’t wrong how you feel about your appearance is what’s distorting your point of view.Make friends with yourself and you will make friends with the mirror too.I hope this post helps you guys understand that having a love for clothing also means learning to love the body in the clothes too. 

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