I know what you’re thinking…”a pinafore post, aren’t pinafores for little kids?”, believe it or not they’re not anymore.The pinafore began growing in poplarity right along with the overall trend.The difference in overalls and the pinafore is that the pinafore has a skirt and is built more like an apron, so it’s perfect for layering.

   I nominate this trend for the spring because it screams, fun and feminine. I can imagine layering the light blue and white polka dotted pinafore pictured below with a white shirt, white heels and a neon pink clutch.The all white pinafore is an awesome blank canvas to be styled virtually any way your heart desires just like its all black counterpart below.The plaid pinafore kind of snuck its way in(I’m still a sucker for plaid le sigh).

   What do you think will you be willing to try a pinafore?How would you layer one of the pinafore picks below, share with me in the comment section!


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