The “I Don’t Care-Ista”, she walks in the room giving off an allure of confidence and is so comfortable in herself she makes others feel comfortable as well.She’s wearing what she wants, how she wants, she’s exercising fashion freedom at it’s greatest.She doesn’t live within the confinements of only one kind of look for the rest of her life, her style is eternally evolving.

   How do you become such a grand being an “I Don’t Care-Ista”?The first step towards “I Don’t Care-Ista” greatness is simple-stop caring what someone else has to say about your appearance.Once you really release yourself from the opinions of others(which you can never control anyway), you will find the sweetest kind of power and it will illuminate your presence(and your closet).

   The second step is acknowledging inspiration for simply that- inspiration, not mandatory rules.Take the looks and fashion posts as inspiration, take it for what it is and mold it specifically to yourself.Often many people are robbing themselves of the right of originality, don’t do that to yourself.

   The third step is recognizing that you’re worthy of taking a genuine interest in your appearance.Acknowledge that you’re worthy of making your own style choices.Acknowledge you’re worthy of projecting the kind of looks you want because you own your appearance and are in control of how comfortable you’re willing to feel.

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