I love listening to music when I pick out my clothes.Playing my favorite music just creates a better energy and gets my creativity flowing.I know I’m not the only one who understands the powerful connection between fashion and style.

   Runway shows always play pumping music to begin their show and it usually matches the flow of the collection.Both visual entertainment and auditory entertainment build for an excellent experience.Haven’t you ever noticed a shift in your mood when you go shopping and the store is playing your current favorite song?Which is why I’m suggesting you play your fave music while getting dressed to get you in a kick ass mood, to look kick ass.

  I thought it would be cool if I shared a little music I listen to when I get ready for the day.


   I’d love to hear what you listen to when getting ready and I might add it to the Style and Sound playlist!Leave a comment below with your favorite song to get dressed to is.

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