I am ecstatic to introduce you to the lovely Jasmine Hart of the fashion blog, Fashion From the Hart.Jasmine had this to say about her stylish platform: “Fashion from the Hart is a blog dedicated to my personal style and overall love for fashion. My goal is to educate my readers as well as provide insight into my daily life and style. I love all things that have to do with fashion and love to show my readers my daily style (lookbook), stylespirations (style+inspiration), and ready to wear sets that I have created. Fashion is my passion and I love to share that with others”.Now it’s time we dive right in with the interview,shall we?

The Eye: How long have you been blogging?
Jasmine: I’ve been blogging for a little over a year.

The Eye: How important are social media stats for your blog?
Jasmine: Social media stats are definitely important to my blog, but I don’t think that they’re everything. When working on my blog, my biggest goal isn’t to increase my social media stats. I would rather publish a blog full of great content that can impact the few people who read it and be able to respond and get feedback from them as opposed to have high social media stats, but don’t publish great content or care about my readers.

The Eye: Do you think it’s fair for a company to judge a blog’s potential solely on its social media stats or should they pay more attention to the blog’s content?
Jasmine: No, I don’t believe that a company should judge a blog’s potential solely on its social media stats, because that is not everything. I believe that when companies are looking at various blogs, they should pay more attention to a blog’s content. In today’s age of blogging, it is difficult for all blogs to have the same social media stats because there are so many different blogs out today. Companies should really look at the content of the blog and read about how the creator of the blog is trying to impact the readers in order to judge a blog’s potential.

The Eye: What would you tell someone who is struggling to organize their blogging time between sharing what they create and actually creating?
Jasmine: I would tell someone who is struggling to organize their blogging time between sharing what they create and actually creating, that honestly it is okay to spend time actually creating your various posts. You want your post to be both meaningful to your readers as well as interesting so that will definitely take time. If your struggling with this issue, you should make a schedule for yourself such as for this next post, I will allot an hour to write it and create a vision for it so that you don’t spend days and days working on a post that you could really sit down and complete in an hour. Also, I know for myself I have a notebook that I use just for my blog so that whenever I get inspiration or an idea, I can easily jot it down and format ideas for a post so that it makes it that much easier to create my posts. It’s all about the individual and what works best for you, but definitely try different methods out, don’t be stuck in your old ways that are causing you to struggle.

The Eye: What would tell someone who is obsessed with social media?
Jasmine: If someone was obsessed with media I would tell them to remember the content as well. Social media is definitely important and integral in making a blog effective, but it isn’t everything. Remember to put the content of a particular blog first. Readers also want to read what you have to say, not just see you everywhere across different media platforms. So make sure that your utilizing your time with making an impact on your readers as well as utilizing your social media.

The Eye: Do you have any social media platforms you’d like to share with the readers?
Jasmine: My main social media platforms are Facebook.com/fashionfromthehart, http://instagram.com/jasmineeheart, and http://www.pinterest.com/jasmineehart/fashionfromthehart/.

Thank you Jasmine for sharing your polished style and perspective with us, make sure you check out her blog at http://fashionfromthehart.com.

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