Laviniah of the personal style blog,Best Foot Forward uses her platform to share her impressive style and fashion musings.Today Laviniah shares both her style and her perspective on the current state of social media and it’s interaction with fashion blogging.

The Eye: How long have you been blogging?

Laviniah K. : I’ve been blogging for 2 years.


The Eye:How important are social media stats for your blog?

Laviniah K. : I think that question can be asked in two parts, how important are social media stats for my blog and how important they are for my readers and visitors. It is quite important to me as it is a general positive reflection of how well received my blog is over various social media platforms, i.e the higher the stats would mean the more it is viewed. I think it is equally as important for my readers and visitors, a prime example is Facebook, I have found the more likes I receive, the more likely a new reader/visitor is likely to view my blog.


The Eye: Do you think it’s fair for a company to judge a blog’s potential solely on its social media stats or should they pay more attention to the blog’s content?

Laviniah K.:  I think it would be easy for a company to judge a blog’s potential on it’s social media stats but I do not think it’s fair. The quality and content of a blog may be overlooked at times in favour of higher social media stats, but I think the content of a blog should be the main focus. I continually strive to produce consistently high quality content for my posts and I try to maintain that standard.


 The Eye: What would you tell someone who is struggling to organize their blogging time between sharing what they create and actually creating?

Laviniah K.:  Blogging is an ongoing learning process, when I first began blogging I didn’t put enough effort in promoting my blog ad blog posts through social media platforms and once I began to do so I saw an immediate increase in visitors and interest in my blog. What I know now is creating a post is only the first step in blogging, sharing it across social media platforms and actively engaging is the blog-sphere is vital for a blogger.


The Eye:What would you tell someone who is obsessed with social media?

Laviniah K.:  It’s great to be active and engaged in social media, there are many avenues of opportunity that are created through social media.


The Eye: Do you have any social media platforms you’d like to share with the readers?

Laviniah K.:  I invite you all to check out my blog

You can also connect with me via





    Thank you Laviniah for sharing your insightful perspective and amazing taste in fashion,Be sure to chec out Laviniah’s blog to see more of her Best Foot Forward 

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