Sometimes we all need a little reality check.The reality check of the day is simple, you are not Joan Rivers and you do not get paid to be the fashion police. I’ve witnessed and heard some horror stories of young women being stopped on the streets and told how ugly their outfit is. I’ve seen people get pointed at,sneered at, glared at in disgust all because their look wasn’t something someone else preferred to see.

    I understand that it’s fun to play fashion police with your girlfriends during award season, but your critique doesn’t always translate well in real life.Would you approach a celebrity with your fashion critique in real life,then why do you think it’s okay to do this with other people you don’t even know.Before you take out your Whack Wardrobe Whistle lets take this into account:

  • You’re entitled to an opinion, just like other people are entitled to ignore your existence.

  • You don’t know why a person dresses they way they do.They may be exercising their creativity or suffering from a lack of funds provoking their state of appearance.There’s a million reasons why a person may dress the way they do and it’s not your job to know because it’s not your job to judge.

  • Giving someone fashion tips they don’t want is a waste of time.

   Ultimately, we can’t control what people do.I can’t make someone keep their opinion to themselves.I can only focus on myself,my behavior and my reactions to others.If you find yourself being the target of some amateur fashion cadet don’t take their judgement to heart.Someone else’s judgement on your appearance doesn’t define you.You define yourself because you’re the only one who lives your life and lives in your temple.

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