We’ve seen many different skirts take popularity over the past years.From mini to midi skirt and everything in between, we’ve been playing with all kinds of silhouettes.It’s time that the A-line skirt had it’s spotlight once more.

     The A-line skirt has the silhouette of an A, it starts off with a fairly small waist and gradually grows in width, we’ve seen skirts like this a lot during the 90s.One person in particular who was notorious for a cute A-line skirt was Cher from Clueless.What was it about the Clueless era that made such an impact on style and fashion and why have we brought it back now?Have we recycled just about every era and now it’s time for the 90s to make it’s arrival, don’t get me wrong I’m a fan this is just a little food for thought.

     Besides it’s association with the 90s, A-line skirts also have a lot of versatility.Due to it’s structure, it can be paired with a blazer for a professional look or a tee for a casual look.I’m definitely eager to try this skirt, will you give it a try or stick with your other go-to skirts?

The A-Line

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