Style is typically composed of the specific taste of what catches someone’s eye. I might see a pair of jeans and think “hmm cute”, someone else can see the same pair and light up brighter than the fireworks that go off on New Year’s Day. That’s the wonderful thing about style it’s diverse, takes on many different perspectives. Style is a personal relationship the consumer has with his or her clothing, jewelry, accessories etc. Now the thing is with style is that it’s often taught that once you find a look you like, you have to stay with it. No.

       I’m a firm believer that style is fluid. Your fashion choices change and grow with you, you can’t expect yourself to love all the same things forever. You don’t have to stay within the confines of how you defined your style at 16 as the same when you’re 26.If you want to change your style do so. You’re not betraying your previous style by trying a new one, you’re just acting on the fact that you have the freedom to change.
    I saw a comment underneath a video asking about how to determine your style when you like feminine frilly things, but also like edgy fashion, you can easily combine your 2 tastes or act on both tastes individually, and that can be your style alone. A lot of people are misled into believing that your style is only allowed to be composed of so many things, but that’s not your style then-that’s you participating in someone else’s standard of what style is.
    I have my days where I want to get up and look like a bohemian princess and other days I have Blair Waldorf inspired urges.The thing with style is that you can portray and embody all of everything you want, however you want. Style is the choices you make with fashion, the tool to how you carve out a look.Don’t let someone else dictate your masterpiece.

Diversify Your Style

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