You and I both know having a go-to store is one of the greatest things ever, right? Knowing there’s a shop you can always depend on to suit your specific taste, has great customer service and is consistently in your budget is a store we all aspire to have in our lives. Even with all the awesomeness attached with having a favorite store you can always run to, you shouldn’t let the store be your crutch.
You could be missing out on some great things if you don’t diversity at least a little in your shop choices.You’re probably thinking “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, this isn’t about fixing anything or even looking for a better store, it’s just about exploration.If you’re interested in expanding your shop choices and trying something new here are a few tips to consider when exploring new stores:

  1. Don’t go in the store with the intention of comparing it to your good ole faithful store. This is a new store it’s never going to be like your go-to shop and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

  2. Take the reviews you read about the new store you’re trying out into consideration while shopping but ultimately trust in your decisions.

  3. Don’t sleep on independent shops.There are so many amazing independent shops out there but sometimes they lack the money to promote themselves to the degree they’d like to. Seek out independent shops and really explore them, you could discover your own hidden gem.

  4. Have fun. Exploring different stores is not a do or die activity. If you like the store then good, if you don’t like it then that’s okay too.

Ultimately this is simply a message of motivation to get out there and try different stores! You can still maintain your loyalty to your favorite shop while also giving yourself the opportunity to experiment with other stores. As a consumer and fashion lover, it’s necessary you recognize you have the right to choice, exercise it!

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