Today I am interviewing and introducing the lovely Bryony of BELIZABETH. Byrony had this to say about her awesome blog, “BELIZABETH is a fashion blog for the colourful and quirky who have a love for all things fashion! Written by a glitter-loving Somerset-born fashion design student, posts include ‘What She Wore’, ‘Things She Made’ and the new ‘Designer Dreams’ feature - there really is something for everyone! I’m not afraid to stand out and be different, and I’m on a mission to make other ladies and gents feel that way about their personal style, as my father aways says “It’s none of your business what other people think of you!” Happy, quirky and lots of laughs, over on ” With no further ado lets check out how Bryony feels about social media and how she applies it to her blog.


The Eye: How long have you been blogging?

Bryony: I technically started blogging around 2 years ago on an old Wordpress blog. I didn’t give the blog much attention and I felt it didn’t reflect myself as I had hoped for, so I decided to start fresh in June 2013 on my current blog BELIZABETH. This blog is much more a part of me, its my baby! My writing is better and the increase in followers reflects the better quality of my blog. This was also about the same time I began using twitter as a platform for my blog, taking part in blogger chats etc.


The Eye: How important are social media stats for your blog?

Bryony: Social media is a huge part of getting your blog out there. It connects you with like minded people and gives you the confidence to continue doing what you love. For that reason, no the stats don’t matter to me. Followers/views will come with time, it is the people that you meet along the way that make it worthwhile and the connections you make can potentially push you and your blog even higher.


The Eye: Do you think it’s fair for a company to judge a blog’s potential solely on its social media stats or should they pay more attention to the blog’s content?

Byrony: I have to say no to this, it isn’t fair. Mainly because I don’t have a huge following on Bloglovin’ or Twitter (YET hehe!) so I have found that often my blog gets overlooked because of this. I think brands do forget that we all have to start somewhere! Even the top bloggers started at the bottom, someone took a chance on them and look where they are now! Blog content is the ONLY way to determine the quality of a blog and I definitely think companies should take a lot more time and care to find the blogs that are right for them rather than just choosing those with a huge following. Most of my favourite bloggers have less that 1000 followers, quality not quantity after all!


The Eye: What would you tell someone who is struggling to organize their blogging time between sharing what they create and actually creating?

 Bryony: My number 1 rule. Work/education always comes first. I have weeks where I simply cannot spare the time for blogging. Your blog will always be there, and so will your followers. Losing followers because you haven’t posted in a week? WHO CARES?! If they are fickle enough to unfollow because you had to have a break, that’s their problem not yours. The ones who matter will stick by you!


The Eye: What would tell someone who is obsessed with social media?

Bryony: AMAZING. Social Media is the TOP tool for blog advertisement! Share links, chat to other bloggers and make connections! Tag relevant brands in your blog tweets - these relationships will help expand your blog and could result in future collaborations! I have met some truly wonderful people through social media, twitter in particular, friends that are supportive and like-minded - nothing feels better than knowing you have a place you fit in, its so lovely!


The Eye: Do you have any social media platforms you’d like to share with the readers?

Bryony: I’m a bit of a social media loser to be honest. You can find me on Twitter, Bloglovin’ and Instagram, and that’s about it! I know I should probably start looking into Lookbook and Tumblr, but with so much going on with University I find it hard to keep up! If YOU have any social media platforms I most definitely should be using, please do let me know!




Make sure you give Bryony’s blog Belizabeth a look, her style is superb and full of life,

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