Social media has been taking the blame for the lack of exclusivity for fashion week for quite sometime.From blurry runway pictures on Twitter to behind the scenes shots on Instagram, fashion week has become a lot more accessible for us all.Of course with fashion week’s exclusivity factor being in danger it raises the question “what is fashion week without exclusivity?”

     Although I do acknowledge that exclusivity has been a driving force behind fashion week’s popularity, I don’t think a lack of exclusivity is enough to cause the down fall of such a massive event.Fashion week’s popularity is built on several factors besides exclusivity, and yet those factors have been overlooked.Lets take a look back at the first fashion week and what was it’s marketing point back then.

    Fashion week was initially created by Eleanor Lambert, a central figure in both the public relations world and in fashion.Eleanor Lambert organized what she called Press Week during World War II.At the time workers in the fashion industry were enamored by French fashion but could not travel there because of the war.Lambert took advantage of this  to get the attention of fashion journalists and bring attention to American designers, thus the first fashion week was born.

   The very first fashion week was built with the intention of gaining attention on New York’s fashion designers and their work, which was previously being heavily neglected.For fashion week to stay true to it’s initial purpose, social media exposure may actually be doing more good than harm.With social media it does cancel out the exclusivity factor, but by making fashion week more accessible it creates a large consumer base.

       Even with  social media outlets giving us sneak peeks there is still a large base of people who don’t find fashion week intriguing, and even more people who don’t understand it.Just the other day I wrote a post regarding  Fashion Week and it’s effects on the everyday personal style of fashion fanatics and people who wish to join the industry.I used Instagram and Twitter to build a small consensus of opinion where blogger Emmanuella of Nuella Source stated, "I don’t know what is going on there, and it does not influence me", (you can see the rest of that post here), fashion week’s exclusivity may have created a sense of elitism as a marketing tool but the alienation of exclusivity has turned away a possible audience as a downfall.

   With social media becoming such a titan in our society it’s easy to see it’s not going away.Perhaps accessibility is fashion week’s hottest new marketing tool.Lets not forget that half the allure of fashion week is the fashion itself, the work and effort designers put into these shows to display their art has a magical seduction of it’s own regardless of the wavering behavior of exclusivity.What do you guys think, is a lack of exclusivity the downfall of Fashion Week?Do you think Fashion Week needs a new marketing tool altogether?

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