Fashion designers put in a lot of money and intensive work on their brand and image.It’s only right for a fashion designer and his or her company to maintain an image by making sure they are associated with the right values,people and message.Imagine a fashion designer is a parent and their collection is their child.Like a parent keeps an eye on their child’s peers and influences, a designer makes sure their brand is attached to positive influences.The root of the marketing technique comes down to how a designer defines a “positive influence”.

When you notice a specific brand only associates itself with non-POC, what does that say?Why wouldn’t a brand want to represent the full spectrum of people?Regardless of skin color, money is always green.It would be illogical to target a demographic based on skin color and yet this practice still goes on.

Recently, model Jourdan Dunn spoke out about the treatment of models of color.”I don’t know why people applaud designers for having just one ethnic model.It’s not like only one type of woman loves fashion”,via an interview in Miss Vogue.Dunn is asking and stating the same thing many people have questioned for years.

There’s no logical marketing tactic behind this blatant act of racism in the fashion industry.This isn’t about money, it’s about certain designers and casting directors revealing their prejudice.I’ve heard the argument that sometimes POC just aren’t apart of that designer’s “aesthetic”, or “POC just aren’t their preference”, how do you manage such dislike to that many people based on their color and still function in public?I’m sick of the excuses.It all comes down to the simple fact that bigots exist in all industries and sadly the fashion industry is not exempt.

This prejudice behavior is harmful because it affects the level of representation POC have in the media.When you grow up and never see someone like you in the media, it’s discouraging and affects how you see things.So what do we do about this problem?Personally, I believe the solution lies in making people aware that there is indeed a problem and recognizing the problem for how harmful it is, secondly I say we create our own spaces and promote those that promote racial diversity.

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