The Power of Floral Print


 Floral Bamboo Heels from Charlotte Russe $15.99
Floral Print Bamboo Heels $15.99 from Charlotte Russe

Floral Print Midi Dress from BooHoo $30
       Floral print comes in multiple forms, different colors and sizes. Personally, my closet has slowly but surely turned into a garden, and I’m not mad at it.Having floral pieces helps bring that touch of life and Spring(seeing as how the weather won’t allow us to have it naturally). Three floral print patterns in particular that have been catching my attention left and right include: palm trees, daisies, and roses.
Floral Print Skater Skirt from Romwe $19.80

Palace Made of Palm Trees by deejaystyles featuring rayon pants Palm tree print screams Summer, beaches and Sun. Palm tree print is usually built with a white background or beige background, so the black silhouette of the palm tree stands out. Every time I see palm tree print I have an urge to make a run to California(that and every time I’m reminded of how cold it is in MI).

Roses are sweet and romantic, so of course I wanted to add a punch of toughness with faux leather. I love seeing rose print with a black background, it gives it a rockstar appeal. Roses were meant for edginess, they lay the canvas for the perfect contrast of sweet and rugged.
The daisy can be easily associated with the 70s bohemian movement, but that’s not the only era that loved daisy print. I love the idea of wearing daisy print crop tops with lace details and then military boots, there’s something about this combination that screams a 90s influence.

Which of these floral prints will you be purchasing, and if you like all three share with me how you plan on wearing it. I love swapping style ideas and would love to hear from you!

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