function and fashion

Fashion+ functionality=epic, has to be one of my latest and most favorite equations. Fashion and functionality aren’t always the best of friends but when they play nice it’s always good for consumers like us. When fashion and functionality collide a beautiful thing happens, and one of those things takes the form of the cute canvas bag. Backpacks are making their way out of lockers and classrooms and on their way to the hottest item for street style and festival wear.About the Bag

The stylish backpack allows you tons of space without it crashing with your look. Backpacks and canvas bags start making more of a dominant appearance in the warmer seasons because that’s typically when people are adding water bottles to their daily essentials(that and those tiny fan devices I always wanted as a kid).

I have a few bags below that I picked out, and you can feel free to shop my collection on Mavatar below too!Olsenboye Bags

Bag#1                                           Bag#2                                     Bag #3

Leave a comment below about an item you think meets the fashion ad functionality formula!

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