You know those photos you find on Tumblr or Pinterest with an outfit layout, strategically placed earrings. The outfit layout is familiar, because frankly we’ve all done it when we’ve bee a bit stumped on what to wear. Outfit layout posts are quickly growing in popularity versus outfit of the day posts and as a blogger, I can see why.

daisy lookdark blue floral

I like the idea of laying out your clothes, accessories and jewelry before putting it on just to see the look from a different perspective besides being on your back. Choosing to do the outfit layout approach allows you to quickly swap items in and out of the look and easily share it with your readers. If I were to show you the outfit picking process step by step by putting on every item I considered wearing that day, the posts would take forever to do between posing, taking a picture in between every outfit change and making sure my self timer doesn’t turn into a villain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is the end of the “outfit of the day” post by any means, but I can see myself implementing more outfit layout posts to share with you guys to see the creative process I apply when looking at clothing combinations.

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