This is a new style segment for She Has The Eye called Recreate the Craze where we discuss the revival of a trend, where it comes from, how it‘s currently worn and discuss why it might of come back. Today’s Recreate the Craze is examining the revival of overalls. Overalls are typically associated with hard working laborers, the country life and…the 90s.
You could easily see a pair of overalls with one strap down worn with a t-shirt and a pair of Timberlands in the early 90s.Not only has this trend came back with the 90s revival but it has breathed life into the pinafore trend and overall trend as well. We’ve seen the baggier interpretation of the overall trend now lets take a look at how people are wearing it now.


  • Overalls are being worn with more form fitting silhouettes and paired with heels and wedges versus the older combination of boots.

  • Overalls are being worn in more shades of chambray, light wash and acid wash denim.

  • You can find overall jumpsuits in brighter colors and prints to be worn out for lunch with friends or out to a party.

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  1. Hi! I really like your post. I’m Cameron and I’m very interested in fashion. I've seen a lot about overalls coming back into style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

  2. thanks Cameron for your comment and follow, I'll definitely check out your blog!


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