Evelina is an excellent fashion blogger and writes the blog Fashion Blues. Evelina had this to say about her passion for the fashion world: "My name is Evelina and I am a personal stylist and fashion blogger in London.
My love for fashion started when I was little. I remember protesting and refusing to wear any clothing that I did not like it and even as a sapling I have always been the type of person to pick my outfits myself. I already had a fantastic model to follow, my mum used to have a fashion boutique where she created clothes of her own design, so I have been fortunate enough to wear something no one had. On occasion I still ask her to make me something special (with my input of course!). This I feel has nurtured my ability to combine different styles to create my own vision.
Being in love with fashion and finding that I was frequently asked for advice in my personal life I decided to become a personal stylist. I have trained at The London College of Fashion. Choosing to do this could not have been a better decision. I truly love what I do, I love fashion, I love shopping, I love giving advice and making people happy about themselves. The work is never boring, fashion is constantly changing and there are no two clients alike."
Thank you for sharing Evelina,now lets carry on with the interview

The Eye: What would you say the purpose of your blog is?
Evelina: I started my blog as a hobby, a place where I could share items in my wardrobe collection (I have numerous, thanks to a shopping habit!). I love to dress up and thought that a pictorial blog would aid others in making their style choices.
What had initially started as my outfits diary is now developing into a place where I share my fashion inspirations, tips on how to dress and my outfit creations. I focus on helping readers understand how to look great, trendy and stylish when buying clothes from high street shops.

The Eye: Many bloggers use their brand to expand into their business or career, what doors would you like to see your blog open?
I hope my readers use my posts for inspiration and that anyone impressed by the outfits I have put together contacts me for personal styling. I have already had some success in this vein having been offered work lecturing on corporate image styling.
Ultimately, I would like the blog to enable me to meet other who share the same passion for fashion with whom I could possibly work on future projects together.

The Eye: Where would you like to see your blog in the future?
As a place where people come for advice. I plan to offer advice online, answering styling queries tailored to individual readers according to their body shape, mixing and matching clothes they already own and suggestions on what to wear for special occasions.

The Eye: What are you doing to reach your future blog goals?
I am constantly on the lookout for new fashion trends. I am also working on a new post which will inform female readers on how to choose styles that best flatter their body shape.
I have already created a Facebook and Instagram accounts under the Fashion Blues brand with a view to increasing traffic to my blog. In addition, I have joined several Facebook groups for fashion bloggers where I can meet other people writing about this topic, learn from their experiences, and be inspired by successful examples. I am also planning to join Meet-Up groups for fashion bloggers.

The Eye:In the long run, what message do you hope your blog sends?
Evelina: I would hope that ultimately my blog promotes a positive message to those who read it that to be fashionable is not only limited to an exclusive and rich percentage of people. It is something that we can all achieve, is affordable and can be done with clothes that you already possess.
Being well presented and stylish is something that can lift one’s mood, and improve our outlook on life in my opinion and I would be happy to share that with as many people as possible.
Thank you Evelina for sharing your thoughts on the future of blogging and sharing your amazing style. I encourage all of my readers to check out her blog and social media.

Blog: http://fashionblues.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Blues/265712023577440?ref_type=bookmark

Instagram: http://instagram.com/fashionbluesblog

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