Jamara Brown is the amazing mind behind the blog, Mind Mash. Brown uses her blog as a platform for her self expression and to display her creativity.We love the way Brown embraces her individuality and her fluid way of blogging is downright admiral. With no further ado, lets take a look at Jamara's interview as we discuss the future  of blogging.

1.The Eye: What would you say the purpose of your blog is?

Jamara Brown: Self expression is very important to me. I've always used my clothing as an outlet of creativity. Wearing my clothing the way I want to always cheers me up when I'm not feeling so hot. Sure, sometimes people think the things I wear are "weird" but my clothing is my way of telling the world that despite the fact that I live in it's grasp, I am still my own person. The purpose of my blog is for me to connect with other self-expressive individuals who just want to be themselves. People that like seeing someone else express their creativity.

2. The Eye: Many bloggers use their brand to expand into their business or career, what doors would you like to see your blog open?

Jamara Brown: Well I don't really have a concrete career plan right now, but it would be great if my blog and blog readership could help me start a successful vintage/handmade clothing site.

3. The Eye: Where would you like to see your blog in the future?

Jamara Brown: I want to see my blog with better photos, better editing, and, most of all, a larger readership. And when I say "larger readership" I mean people who actually appreciate my blog's content. People who I can interact with and learn from, not just some faceless person who follows me just for the sake of following.

4. The Eye: What are you doing to reach your future blog goals?

Jamara Brown: I'm really just blogging as often as possible, being thoughtful about my editing and photo curating, interacting with other bloggers through social media, and just being patient. My success is not going to happen overnight so I just want to have fun and blog about what I enjoy!

5. The Eye:  In the long run, what message do you hope your blog sends?

Jamara Brown: That it's okay to be yourself, even if you're a little weird. There are a lot of other weirdos who want to be your friend.

Feel free to stay connected with Jamara and her creative adventures through her various platforms:

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