Tia Newton is an awesome Baltimore based blogger who shares bits of life on her blog Four One OH! Newton gives us a look into her closet and cuisine choices while also giving us a peek into the city of Baltimore. Now, let's take a look at what Newton has to say about the future of blogging and what drives her to share.

The Eye:What would you say the purpose of your blog is?

Tia Newton: Four One OH! is my personal style and food blog centered around my life in Baltimore, Maryland.  I have lived in two major cities over the last six years, San Francisco and New York, and both my style and love affair with good food has been greatly influenced by that experience.  While I was born and raised in Baltimore, I would have never thought I would end up coming back to Maryland but it just so happened I found a job at Envishoes.com.  Envi Shoes is a small company and I like to think of my role there as a multi-tasker.  I do a number of things from Marketing to Merchandise Planning.  It's a great job and I especially love being surrounded by my favorite things all day... shoes!
      The name of my blog, Four One OH!, comes from the original area code in Baltimore, Maryland.  Baltimore has a lot of cool things happening for itself right now, like a rising arts district, boutiques are popping up all over, and awesome cafes and restaurants are opening every month.  I thought this would be an awesome time to start a blog about my life in Baltimore City.

The Eye:Do you think many bloggers use their brand to expand into their business or career, what doors would you like to see your blog open?

Tia Newton:Like most bloggers, I am hoping that blogging is something I can eventually do full-time.  Not only, do I love the fashion industry but also I have the opportunity to work full-time in this industry.   I am hoping that my blog provides inspiration to other bloggers and I will be able to offer unique insight into working in the fashion industry full-time.

The Eye:What are you doing to reach your future blog goals?

Tia Newton:Reaching my blog's goals means staying consistent. Content is the key to success!  I started my blog about two months ago, and I am very pleased with the results so far!  I know if I stay consistent and put out quality content, there is no place to go but up.  I get tons of requests everyday for free product via my role at Envi Shoes.  I think lots of bloggers have lost sight of just enjoying blogging for themselves.  It has become all about what you can get.  I'm trying to focus on enjoying life and sharing some of those moments with my readers.

The Eye: In the long run, what message do you hope your blog sends?

Tia Newton: I would like my blog to be an open forum to discuss topics relative to my content.  A place where people can get inspiration, give tips, share their own blogs and experiences, as well as get advice.

Social Media:

Blog: http://fourone-oh.com

Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/fouroneoh

Tumblr:  http://fourone-oh.tumblr.com/

Twitter: @fouroneohblog

Instagram: @fouroneohblog

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