Denim has dominated fashion since the beginning of time.Denim jeans are typically at the tip top of the denim hierarchy but with the rise of the 80s-90s revival denim domination is now taking the form of overalls and high waisted shorts.If you're like me, and you like looking at fashion from outside the box, you might be interesting in expressing your love for the denim trend in something other than overalls and high waisted shorts.

You can take on the denim trend with a few other interpretations such as:

  • Experimenting with colored denim and different washes

  • Try out other denim items such as denim dresses and other fits of jeans outside of skinny

  • Look at the denim details and look for studded, perforated, acid or light washed interpretations of the current denim themes

If you're interested in approaching denim from a color stand point you're in the right place. Below I have a few colored denim pieces from Levi picked out with a few ways on how to style them.

Dances With Denim

Playing in colored and printed denim is an easy way to add a casual spark to your look on an everyday basis. I could easily see someone wearing one of these looks to lunch.

Now, colored and print denim aren't the only ways of experimenting with jeans, lets take a look at the denim dress collection below.

Denim Dress Looks

Looking at the denim dress looks above, denim is a lot more versatile than your simple jeans and tee(which is still an awesome combo by the way). Hopefully this post inspired you to look at denim pieces from another perspective and inspires your creativity to splurge its way into your closet! Peace, love and fashion freedom!

Are you interested in trying out more looks with denim?Feel free to shop my Mavatar Collection below!

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