It's Summer time and it's also time to let those toes breathe! There are many ways to put your tootsies o display, from brilliant nail polish, bedazzled pedicures, and toes rings but one I like celebrating my bare footedness is through... CUTE SHOES.I've compiled a few picks and a few reasons why these shoes would make an excellent addition to anyone's closet:
Summer Shoes
The 2 statement wedges from BooHoo are awesome for a night out to a party. The wedges allow a bit of comfort and you get to make a bold statement with the bright color or print variation.Both pairs allow your feet to breathe and would look amazing with a little black or white dress, w/ gold accessories.
The next 2 pair of shoes are great for being used as a neutral in a lookThe grey and neon pink pumps go with business casual looks, or a great daytime look.As for the grey cut-out boots...I know ankleboots are not sandlas but they are cut-outs so in a way there's a little airy relief for your feet..yea, I'm reaching but they are wickedly cute.The cut-out boot is also great for cool Summer days.
The next 2 pair represent the tribal print resurrection.I noticed that tribal print details have been making their way into sandals and I'm happy about this development.Slipping in little tribal print details is a necessary touch of character on an other wise simple shoe.
The last but certainly not least, shoe trend includes these tough, built strong sandals.These shoes are tough, edgy, and make a powerful statement w/ out trying.Personally, gladiator sandals will always kick ass, THEY'RE NAMED AFTER GLADIATORS! As for the second pair of shoes, the platforms look a bit roughed up but in the best way.The platforms speak to my inner glamazon, and a shoe that can speak to your inner glamazon is a shoe worth buying.
That's it for my best Summer shoe picks, hopefully this inspired you to consider some of your shoe choices for the warmer weather and to experiment with something new.Peace, love and fashion freedom.
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